5D CNC milling machine, Trimill VF6535

Type Gantry VF6535
Model TRIMILL VF6535, 2016
Manufacturer TRIMILL
Year of manufacture 2016

Characteristics - 5D CNC milling machine

Working area (mm)

6500 x 3500 x 1500 (X,Y,Z)

Table size (mm)

7000 x 3800

Table load capacity  (7000 kg/m2)

 186.2 t

Useful working area (in processing  3+2D) (mm) 2754 x 5754 x 1703 (X,Y,  Z(203mm) to table
Power (kw)

40 (S1) continuous

Torque (Nm)

360 (S1) continuous

RPM(min-1) 10000


HSK 100 formaA

B axis

-500/+950 (10min-1)

C axis +/-2400  (50min-1)
Feed rate  (processing 3+2 ) (mm/min) 40000
Acceleration of the machine  (m/s2) 3
Dimensions of the machine  (mm) 8748 x 11415 x 6208 (w, l, h)
Product weight  (kg) 133000
Accuracy of the machine VDI/DGQ 3441
Position accuracy  (mm) P<0.012
Repeatable accuracy  (mm) P<0.008

The calibration of the machine before demanding fine processing


Magazine tools:

30 tools HSK 100 A
Controller Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI

Other characteristics

Housing of the machine:

The side pillars are made of mineral concrete, enclosed by sheet metal, which gives the machine great thermal stability.



Rack and pinion sistem: 2x on axis  X (4x motor), 1x on axis Y (2x motor), 1x on axis Z (2x motor)

Cooling medium:

• air through the spindle
• emulsion through spindle
• emulsion through the nozzle, water pistol