R&D Projects

Toolmaking becomes more and more important and prospective activity in all economic sectors engaged in development and manufacturing of industrial products. Critical technologies, necessary for the development and manufacturing of new and more pretentious products made out of new materials, signify great opportunity in toolmaking. Company realizes that without innovative technology solutions in the field of toolmaking sector, it will not be able to manufacture complex sheet metal parts or different products from thermoplastic materials and styrofoam. Gorenje Orodjarna is a member of the Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre and a member of the Automotive Cluster of Slovenia.
Company devotes a lot of its attention on a quality research and development activity. We continually stimulate development and improvement of products quality and manufacture processes, decrease costs, protect environment (ecology) and cooperate in the research networks with our partner companies. Research networks enables us an open access to efficient R&D achievements/results and distribution of high R&D costs among partners. With continual development company wants to assure a long-term economic growth and become reliable supplier of quality sheet metal processing tools in our product range, and at the same time wants to assure the contentment of customers, owners and employees.
Company is actively included in different national and international R&D industrial projects. Within the company we have established qualified and highly motivated R&D team, registered at the Slovenian Research Agency. Team is composed of researchers and technical associates with references in development and manufacturing of a variety of tools for sheet metal processing, injection moulding, thermoforming and Styrofoam packaging as well as measuring systems for the control and testing of appliance and safety features.