Measuring systems

Systems for complex measurement applications

In the home appliance industry as well as other industries, the control and testing of product- and component functions and safety features is a key part of the overall manufacturing process. To this end, Gorenje Orodjarna manufactures a range of test equipment designed to comply with EN 60335-1 methods and standards. This includes ground resistance testers, dielectric strength testers, insulation resistance testers, current leakage testers and equipment for functional testing under specifi ed voltage. We also measure and test other parameters including output, voltage, current, resistance, energy, temperature, sealing, fl ow, pressure, RPM, torque and similar. Larger systems feature integrated control units SIMATIC S7 whose universal application enables the statistical processing of data and interfacing with other equipment.

In addition to test equipment Gorenje Orodjarna also makes sophisticated measuring systems for laboratory measurements for the purpose of development and sustainability testing. Our product line also includes smaller control devices for semi-products and components, such as feeding devices (manipulators) designed to facilitate the assembly of electrical and mechanical components; devices for the assembly and testing of cable sets; power adapters for fast appliance connection; seal testers for gas fi ttings; mechanical endurance test apparatus (sustainability testing of ON/OFF buttons, powered drives, opening of doors and drawers, etc.)

The company also boasts a metrological laboratory performing metrological testing of electrical measuring instruments and devices to the ISO 9000 standard. Measuring and calibration equipment is traceable to national measurement standards.